When all is said and undone
with plans nailed to the wall.
When the well is dug dry with blisters in hand
and life is a liturgy work without rest.

Are you not worthy to receive without worth?
With white flag raised;
a soul surrendered is available to grace.

Hands visible and invisible guiding the way,
hidden in plain sight through a curtain
drawn back, an invitation to hold.

Speak not to be understood,
beyond all reason,
listen with the eyes of your heart and the laughter of soul.

Now you can see
sunrise and set without aid of your hand,
forty shades of green make way for
natures harvest in fields of gold,
lavender reflected in the hew of blue and grey sky.
Hidden in the corner the artists sign!

Before you
a door of welcome is opened to the stranger in you,
a table prepared for a meal without end,
an empty cup filled again and again
with the very best wine of life,
becoming friends who witness your silhouette back lit by the setting sun.
Available to grace.