I was thinking of you

as I walked the line between tides,
listening to the sea and the land clap hands,
watching the the rise and fall of the oceans breath,
and feeling the sand between my toes.

This is my prayer for you.
May you forever clap with two hands
each dissolving one into the other with the sound of joy.
May your breath rise and fall with the rhythm of life.
May you write love letters in the sand
made new every day.

I was thinking of you
when I lifted my eyes to the hills.
Forever the same yet never before seen just like this,
a thin place with no boundary between heaven and earth,
where help comes in the clouds and sun kissed rays.

May you pray,
but only as you know you are being prayed for
by this extravagant gift of grace.
May your eyes be lifted up
and your souls made new
as you walk upon this sacred ground.