I was kissed by the rising sun,
I climbed a mountain,
stood on its crown and raised my arms in surrender.
I rode a Harley one thousand miles.
I sailed to the edge of the world
where the land lost its sight.
I walked on golden sands,
swam in a symphony of
tropical colour.
I mounted on eagle’s wings,
saw the world through its eyes.
I drank wine with dear friends in the world’s four corners.
I was held by a baby whose eyes saw
a me I didn’t know
and  experienced the miracle grace,
that broke me and made me whole.
I painted a canvas with words, that danced into life,
I was watched by the man in the moon
who sees all in the dark of the night.
I folded the corner of today’s page,
so I could remember my place when I awoke.

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